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Photography 101: Street — March 8, 2016

Photography 101: Street


Street 1.jpg

Today, we are taking photos of a street for Photography 101. Again there is to be no fancy editing or anything, just the photo, preferably a wide angle shot. (I decided that I should black out the number plates, but that is the only editing I did)!

Armed with my Samsung S6 phone (aka my camera) I took this photo of the street which leads up to the square where I live.

As it was early in the morning, the cars still had the frost on the windows, and it was pretty quiet around. The blue sky promised a sunny day, which it delivered although it was still pretty chilly.

This town where I have lived off and on since I was 13 years old has grown considerably over the years, and new housing developments are springing up all over the place. So much so, that I often have to rely on my Sat Nav when going out on my visits, as I am unfamiliar with some of the new areas in town!


Photography 101: Home — March 7, 2016

Photography 101: Home

As some of you may know, I enrolled myself on the Photography 101 course as my skills are seriously lacking! I do try and take some photos to accompany my posts but they are a bit hit and miss.

The very first thing we have been asked to do is to take a photo of ‘home’ and whatever that means to us. No fancy editing here, just a good old plain photo.


Home to me is my front room. We have quite a small house so it really is the room where I spend most of my time. Home, of course, is also where my family are. Mr Grump and Roxy snuggled up together is a very common sight. Miss Hap is normally up in her room blasting out Justin Bieber songs or something, but I ‘encouraged’ (bribed)  her to be in the photo.

As you can see, she is lolling all over the settee with her phone clamped tightly in her sweaty little mitts! Oh, and the daffies you can see in the photo were an extra Mother’s day prezzie (I got a lovely teddy and also a cushion), she had picked for me  ‘from the roadside’ (I am hoping not to get a bang on the door from an irate neighbour whose garden has been pillaged!)!


Just Jot in January 15th – Leadership — January 15, 2016

Just Jot in January 15th – Leadership


For today’s prompt for Just Jot it January  by Linda, we have been given ‘leadership.’ Now, I have never really thought of myself as being a leader or having the necessary qualities to become one. Having always been quiet and shy, telling others what to do, or being responsible for their actions is something that would not appeal to me at all when I was younger. I would much rather blend in, and do my job, asking for help when needed or perhaps show someone else how to do something, but almost be apologetic about if for knowing more than they did.

However, there are times in life when it is essential to take charge of a situation, be it work, social or domestic  if things are to run smoothly. Surprisingly, I kind of fell into a leadership role without thinking too much about it. My ex-husband bought a cafe which he later converted into a kebab shop. I had to help run them both which meant that I was in charge of several staff, some of whom were his or my family members, or both! As you can imagine, it did get a bit fraught at times, but I managed to maintain relationships as well as help keep the business running smoothly.

Of course, as soon as we have children then, like it or not, we become role models and definitely need to hone our leadership skills, as children pick up on the slightest hesitancy or inconsistency as I have found to my cost! If we want them to grow up into decent, caring, honest and hard-working adults, then we have to lead by example. When they don’t behave as we want them to, then we also have to find a way to change this, which is where things can get tricky!

I remember when I worked in an office of a holiday brochure distribution company, having quite a strict boss. He was a director of the company in his 40s and could get quite shirty at times, as well as being pretty rude. (His people skills were not the best). However, the thing that I respected about him, was that apparently he had started off at this company as a young lad of 16 emptying the rubbish, then worked his way up to the top. This meant he knew all aspects of the business inside out, and when they were short staffed in the warehouse, he rolled his sleeves up and went down there to help them out.

I have realised over the years, that being a good leader is not about strutting around, shouting orders to others expecting them to bow down to your every command (well it is pretty handy in the military), it is much more complex than that. There are many qualities to being a good leader, like treating others with respect, and mucking in together when needed, as well as listening to and learning from others. I know that when needed, I can step up and be a leader!



Just Jot it January 14th – Motivation. — January 14, 2016

Just Jot it January 14th – Motivation.


‘Motivation’ is the prompt word we have for Linda’s Just Jot it January today. I would say that normally I am quite a motivated person. I know what I have to do, and can usually get stuck straight into it. I am a creature of habit and routines, so many of the mundane things I need to do are carried out on automatic pilot almost. I don’t need to think too much about it, I just get on with it.

When I took part in NaNoWriMo, I was not sure that I would be able to get the motivation to write every day in order to achieve the required word count at the end of it. It was something that I really wanted to achieve though and I wanted to keep up the enthusiasm and momentum that I had at the start of the month. I ended up setting aside a couple of hours each night purely for writing, no distractions if possible. That was my way of getting myself motivated, incorporating my writing into a routine.

Then depression sets in and it all goes out the window.

Isn’t is strange how just getting washed and dressed can seem like such a monumental task? Why bother, when it is easier to just sit around in pyjamas. Who needs to do housework? After all, it is only going to get messed up again, and everywhere is cluttered up anyway. Do I really have to go out and see people when all I want to do is stay at home and be on my own? I don’t feel like talking and smiling and ‘being nice.’ I wanted to get stuck into some sewing projects but have only had one or two days lately where I have had the oomph to get everything out and do it. I was pleased when I did make something, though. It was even a struggle getting myself to my CBT session (Cognitive behavioural therapy) as I was so anxious!

However, I still manage to find the motivation to go countless times to the kitchen and get myself a snack. I can also be sociable here in the blogosphere chatting with people and posting ‘funny’ stories and poems. I can even still play Candy Crush for a while.

Hopefully, my missing motivation will soon find its way back!



Just Jot it January 13th – Sacrifice — January 13, 2016

Just Jot it January 13th – Sacrifice

For Linda’s Just Jot it January today, we have been given ‘sacrifice’ for our prompt word. This to me, is quite a weighty word, especially when you consider the original meaning of offering up the life of an animal or person to a God. However, we now tend to use it to mean giving something up that we value for the sake of helping someone else, or doing something else.

In the society that we live in, we are often told that it is possible to ‘have it all.’ Successful careers, well-adjusted children,  a good education, happy marriages, and domestic bliss. Really? I am not sure that we can truly achieve all of those things without some kind of sacrifice.

Looking back at the 1950’s for example, in the era when many women stayed home to look after the children, and men were the main breadwinners working long hours to support their families, it is clear that neither sex had it all. Yes, the children may grow up being lovingly nurtured by their mother, but many hardly saw their fathers who went out to work before they were awake and came home when they were in bed.

The good education that a woman may have received would not be fully utilised, as many gave up work as soon as they married, and did not pursue any of their own interests, some were actually discouraged from doing so!  A happy marriage may well be enjoyed by both, but I would not be surprised if there may have been a bit of resentment from the wife, striving to achieve domestic bliss with homecooked meals and a spotless house, plus always looking her best for when her husband came home.

Fast forward to the present day,  and a whole range of changes. Men and women are no longer expected to conform to stereotypes.  We have moved on considerably, and now women are no longer expected to stay at home keeping house, they can go out to work, get whatever education they like, and still manage to raise a family. This is the same as men have always been able to do (well except for keeping house of course, but now many men choose to do this for various reasons). We also have same-sex couples, some of whom are bringing up children, but the problems remain the same, we all want to be able to ‘have it all.’

Something surely has got to give. Some people employ nannies and housekeepers so that they can work and not have to worry about the house and kids. Some have one partner staying at home whilst the other goes out to work. Some put off having children to establish their career first, others do it the other way around, having children young, then try to forge a career. It sounds to me like quite a few sacrifices are being made in order to ‘have it all.’

Do you agree, have you managed to find a way to have it all?




I Would Tell You Over A Coffee — December 12, 2015

I Would Tell You Over A Coffee

Time for a coffee break and a catch-up. Pull up a chair, sit down with your beverage of choice, and let me fill you in on what’s been happening over here at Edwina’s Episodes.

I would tell you over a coffee...that I am almost ready for Christmas. I have even wrapped some of my presents which makes me feel all festive now.  We are going over to my younger sister’s this year for Christmas day so I am lucky enough to have a meal waiting for me when I finish work, and having BoxingDay off means I don’t have to worry about going to bed early Christmas night!

 I would tell you over a coffee…that I am getting excited about the arrival of my great niece/nephew who is due in February (a couple of days before my 50th birthday actually). The last baby we had in the family was actually my own daughter, which was 12 years ago now!  I have already been looking at all the cute little baby outfits that are around at the moment, and can’t wait to go baby shopping when it arrives.

I would tell you over a coffee…that I am settling into my job quite nicely now. I really have met some lovely patients and was actually quite touched when I bumped into one of them at one of the GP surgeries. He came bowling up to me putting his arm round me and asked me when his ‘trolley’ was coming (he wanted me to refer him for a walking aid). He and his wife are such happy, cheery people, always laughing when I go round there, despite their combined health problems.

I would tell you over a coffee…that I am still working on the novel that I wrote for NaNoWriMo. Thank goodness for my fellow bloggers too, who are helping me out with it.

I would tell you over a coffee…that myself and Mr Grump are trying to resist growing older, but it is now catching us out. Neither of us wear our glasses much ( I have to for work, but never do at home), but when we went to my sister’s a couple of weeks ago and ended up playing a game, neither of us could see properly to read the questions out, so ended up sharing my sister’s reading glasses!  We were due eyes tests last week and both of us need stronger prescriptions now too, so have had to order new glasses! Contact lenses are out of the question, as I cannot poke about with my eyes, no way! Damn you middle age!






Free-For-All Friday #30 — September 25, 2015

Free-For-All Friday #30

Wow, these Friday Free-for-Alls are coming around quickly. I have got a few treats for you this week. A sumptuous soup, A list for when you are losing the will, and a vibrant vignette, not to mention a fondness for fountain pens!  Please visit these blogs because it is so difficult not to choose every post that they write!

Joeyfully Stated As you might have guessed, this post is so much more than just about soup, although I got a warm, tingly feeling reading it!

Fear of The Reaper. We all have those days from Hell when we wonder why we had bothered getting up! This made me laugh ( I know I am mean, but some of it was funny, at least to me)!

My Write This is another blog that I found whilst on the Writing 101 course. I loved this story, and a few of his others too!

Travelling Banana. This post struck a chord with me, and brought back many fond memories.

Short and sweet again this week, but there are loads on these blogs to keep you going for  a while!

Happy Friday!!

Episode 367: #BeWoW Post. I am OK With Me! — June 10, 2015

Episode 367: #BeWoW Post. I am OK With Me!

For our BeWoW post this week, Ronovan has suggested that we could write about being ok with ourselves.

This last year in particular, I have not been ok with myself at all. I have been knocked sideways with depression a couple of times, which meant time off work,frustration and anger at myself for not being able to cope, and lots of time spent wrapping myself up in a cocoon, shying away from being with others.

However, I have managed to break free of it (with the help of my doctor) in the last month and am feeling so much better. I am very lucky that I have such a great bunch of colleagues and an understanding boss, so going back to work was not as difficult as it could have been.

Work has been going really well, and there are a couple of exciting things on the horizon for me hopefully. This is particularly good news, as at one time, I was in a position where I didn’t know if I was ever going to get back to work, whether or not I even wanted to, or if I might lose my job anyway due to the time off. I realise how much I do love my job and that I am even quite good at it!

The fact that I have the daughter I always wanted, and a loving husband that knows me so well, and is so supportive makes life so much easier, as does having such a large family who I can rely on when I need to. This all contributes to making me feel more ok with myself as I know that I am loved, despite feeling to the contrary when I am in that awful slump.

I realise that there are still parts of me that I am not ok with, but that is the physical me, the outside which I am working on. The inner me is not that bad after all and I am finally OK with that!

Episode 334: Compliments and Kisses! — May 19, 2015

Episode 334: Compliments and Kisses!

Us Brits are not very good at accepting compliments as a rule. We have that kind of self-deprecating humour, which I know I use a lot of the time. (I feel that it is better for me to get in first with the put-downs before someone else beats me to it).

It’s weird, that if someone does tell me that I look nice in an outfit, for example, I will soon draw attention to how big my tummy looks in it, or perhaps my chunky legs spoil the look. Whatever it is, whoever gave me the compliment probably soon regretted it; not only that, they also now know yet even more of my flaws that just maybe hadn’t been too obvious before I helpfully pointed them out!

The thing is, for me in particular, I was brought up to believe that you should be modest, never boast about anything and that it was not nice to be a ‘big-head!’ I don’t remember getting many compliments as a child probably to reinforce the message that ‘nobody likes a show-off!’

It is tricky to know where to draw the line as well. I was so proud when I graduated as it was only a couple of years ago, and therefore something I had to work pretty hard at to achieve, yet it felt really awkward when I told people about it, as I didn’t want them to think that I was ‘up myself!’

I am getting better at it now, especially at work, where we do get compliments at times;(in fact I got not one but two kisses today, which was sweet as I don’t usually look after the men)! However, I still can’t resist making a detrimental joke about myself most of the time!

What makes you feel awkward?

Episode 272: What A Carry On! — April 5, 2015

Episode 272: What A Carry On!

I had really been looking forward to going to my sister’s today. I had a little nap before we went, as I slept very badly last night due feeling really rough with this bloody cold.

We picked my mum up on the way and everyone else was already there when we arrived. Lunch was a beautiful roast beef and yorkshire pudding. We had a cake that my sister had made for pudding which looked so good I took a photo of it!  Not only did it have mini eggs and chocolate orange segments, it also had Nutella in it! I just had to have a little bit of it to try and it was even better than it looked (if that us possible).

Anyway, the fever kicked in again after lunch, and as Mum felt tired, I ended up coming home early. Miss Hap, bless her, wanted to come with me as well to look after me (plus she didn’t want to walk home later as I had the car)!

We are now enjoying a ‘Carry On’ film fest in our pyjamas.  Every Bank Holiday they seem to put them on back to back. I grew up with these films, but never get tired of watching them. The silliness of them as well as the innuendo and double-entendres still make me laugh my head off! Good job I am easily pleased!

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