As some of you may know, I enrolled myself on the Photography 101 course as my skills are seriously lacking! I do try and take some photos to accompany my posts but they are a bit hit and miss.

The very first thing we have been asked to do is to take a photo of ‘home’ and whatever that means to us. No fancy editing here, just a good old plain photo.


Home to me is my front room. We have quite a small house so it really is the room where I spend most of my time. Home, of course, is also where my family are. Mr Grump and Roxy snuggled up together is a very common sight. Miss Hap is normally up in her room blasting out Justin Bieber songs or something, but I ‘encouraged’ (bribed) Β her to be in the photo.

As you can see, she is lolling all over the settee with her phone clamped tightly in her sweaty little mitts! Oh, and the daffies you can see in the photo were an extra Mother’s day prezzie (I got a lovely teddy and also a cushion), she had picked for me Β ‘from the roadside’Β (I am hoping not to get a bang on the door from an irate neighbour whose garden has been pillaged!)!