I have got a complaint to make.  It is something that I am very cross about as well, Now I might upset a few of my American friends here,but I’m afraid it is too important an issue to ignore and it has to be said!


Now I am not allowed much chocolate,  but one thing I am really looking forward to is a Creme Egg at Easter time, (or maybe even before, as willpower has never been my strong point), Now these delicious delicacies are not available all of the time, due to their festive design, so they are even more of a treat when I finally manage to get my hands on one.

However, my parade has been rained upon. It has come to my attention that and American company has taken over production of my favourite chocolate egg and they have ruined it!

Yes. for a start they have shrunk it! How dare they! It was only 40g to begin with and now they have lopped off another 6g. I am furious, nobody likes to be short-changed; We all know how disappointing it is when we expect something of one size, and end up getting a smaller version (don’t we ladies)?

Not only have they shrunk it but they have used a different chocolate! The pleasure of eating the Creme egg is first the cracking of the smooth chocolatey shell, then scooping out the creamy white and yolk. It all blended perfectly,so why did they have to mess with it?!

I am beyond annoyed at the liberties they have taken with my favourite confection.

Do we need to start up a petition to bring back the original Creme Egg?