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#JusJoJan 2018. January 30th Scrumptious — January 30, 2018

#JusJoJan 2018. January 30th Scrumptious

I hope that you are enjoying my posts from Linda’s Just Jot it January as much as I am enjoying writing them.

Here is today’s prompt word.

Your prompt for January 29th, 2018, brought to you by me, is “Scrumptious.” Use it any way you’d like in your post. 

I chose the word scrumptious because I love the way it sounds, in fact, it is the kind of word that feels as though it belongs on an old Disney film like ‘Mary Poppins’or ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’.

I do use it quite a bit, in relation to food (of course); it is the perfect fit to describe a chocolate layer cake with all the trimmings, yummmmm.

I like to give members of my family little nicknames, and Scrumptious was just right for my little nephew. He is now 26, so the last time I called him it, I shortened it to Scrump, or Scrumpkin (I used to call him Pumpkin as well, and you know how I like to rhyme everything)!

Anyway, that’s enough nonsense from me!  I hope you had fun with this word.

Episode 272: What A Carry On! — April 5, 2015

Episode 272: What A Carry On!

I had really been looking forward to going to my sister’s today. I had a little nap before we went, as I slept very badly last night due feeling really rough with this bloody cold.

We picked my mum up on the way and everyone else was already there when we arrived. Lunch was a beautiful roast beef and yorkshire pudding. We had a cake that my sister had made for pudding which looked so good I took a photo of it!  Not only did it have mini eggs and chocolate orange segments, it also had Nutella in it! I just had to have a little bit of it to try and it was even better than it looked (if that us possible).

Anyway, the fever kicked in again after lunch, and as Mum felt tired, I ended up coming home early. Miss Hap, bless her, wanted to come with me as well to look after me (plus she didn’t want to walk home later as I had the car)!

We are now enjoying a ‘Carry On’ film fest in our pyjamas.  Every Bank Holiday they seem to put them on back to back. I grew up with these films, but never get tired of watching them. The silliness of them as well as the innuendo and double-entendres still make me laugh my head off! Good job I am easily pleased!

Episode 146: Compelled to Complain! — February 6, 2015

Episode 146: Compelled to Complain!

I am one of those people who doesn’t like to complain. I put up with the inconveniences of everyday life with a shrug and a sigh, resigned to shoddy service, and rude salespeople, until it comes to food that is………

Thinking about it, the only times I have felt compelled to write a letter of complaint is when it has been something to do with feeding my face! (That must tell you a lot about what kind of person I am)!  Yes, I am a glutton who enjoys her food, and gets cross when it is not up to my expectations. Now I am not overly fussy, I just like things to be as promised on the menu/packaging.

You may have seen my Ode To Cadbury’s poem yesterday. Well guess what?, I sent it to their head office to have a ponder on.They have to realise that they can’t get away with palming us off with smaller sizes. It just won’t do, and it’s just not British!

I remember once treating myself to one of those tinned steak and kidney pies (extremely unhealthy I know, but I love the pastry…and the meat…well I love the whole thing actually). Anyway, it had been quite a few years since I had one and I was soooo disappointed. There was about 2 small chunks of meat in the entire pie! The pastry tasted different as well. That was it, i got the details off the tin and fired off an e-mail to their customer services department.

I did get my point across, but In rather a jokey manner (after all it was only a pie, not a dud piece life-saving equipment or something). Surprisingly. I got a reply as well along with a couple of vouchers for the company concerned (not that I was going to get another of their pies, but I did get another product). It was then that I realised that it wasn’t this particular brand of pie that I used to love; the packaging was very similar but it was a totally different company! Ooops!

What compels you to complain?

Episode 145: Ode To Cadbury’s — February 5, 2015

Episode 145: Ode To Cadbury’s

I heard a little Wispa

There’s a rumour going about

That Cadbury’s chocolate production

Has had a little Time Out

They have moved across the water

To give their sales a Boost

But the chocolate’s taste is different

And the bar size is reduced.

The Fudge was once a ‘finger’

Is now more like a toe

The chunky Double Decker          

Has let the top deck go!

Caramel is missing a piece

Whole Nut is more like half

The Flake would now be finished

Before you even ran the bath!

Dairy Milk has dwindled

And so has Turkish Delight

 Poor Crème Egg is beaten

And Fry’s Chocolate Cream is not right!

I think you should consider

Giving back the large sized bars

To keep the customer happy

Or they’ll defect to Mars!

Episode 144: The Great Creme Egg Travesty! —

Episode 144: The Great Creme Egg Travesty!

I have got a complaint to make.  It is something that I am very cross about as well, Now I might upset a few of my American friends here,but I’m afraid it is too important an issue to ignore and it has to be said!


Now I am not allowed much chocolate,  but one thing I am really looking forward to is a Creme Egg at Easter time, (or maybe even before, as willpower has never been my strong point), Now these delicious delicacies are not available all of the time, due to their festive design, so they are even more of a treat when I finally manage to get my hands on one.

However, my parade has been rained upon. It has come to my attention that and American company has taken over production of my favourite chocolate egg and they have ruined it!

Yes. for a start they have shrunk it! How dare they! It was only 40g to begin with and now they have lopped off another 6g. I am furious, nobody likes to be short-changed; We all know how disappointing it is when we expect something of one size, and end up getting a smaller version (don’t we ladies)?

Not only have they shrunk it but they have used a different chocolate! The pleasure of eating the Creme egg is first the cracking of the smooth chocolatey shell, then scooping out the creamy white and yolk. It all blended perfectly,so why did they have to mess with it?!

I am beyond annoyed at the liberties they have taken with my favourite confection.

Do we need to start up a petition to bring back the original Creme Egg?

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