I am one of those people who doesn’t like to complain. I put up with the inconveniences of everyday life with a shrug and a sigh, resigned to shoddy service, and rude salespeople, until it comes to food that is………

Thinking about it, the only times I have felt compelled to write a letter of complaint is when it has been something to do with feeding my face! (That must tell you a lot about what kind of person I am)!  Yes, I am a glutton who enjoys her food, and gets cross when it is not up to my expectations. Now I am not overly fussy, I just like things to be as promised on the menu/packaging.

You may have seen my Ode To Cadbury’s poem yesterday. Well guess what?, I sent it to their head office to have a ponder on.They have to realise that they can’t get away with palming us off with smaller sizes. It just won’t do, and it’s just not British!

I remember once treating myself to one of those tinned steak and kidney pies (extremely unhealthy I know, but I love the pastry…and the meat…well I love the whole thing actually). Anyway, it had been quite a few years since I had one and I was soooo disappointed. There was about 2 small chunks of meat in the entire pie! The pastry tasted different as well. That was it, i got the details off the tin and fired off an e-mail to their customer services department.

I did get my point across, but In rather a jokey manner (after all it was only a pie, not a dud piece life-saving equipment or something). Surprisingly. I got a reply as well along with a couple of vouchers for the company concerned (not that I was going to get another of their pies, but I did get another product). It was then that I realised that it wasn’t this particular brand of pie that I used to love; the packaging was very similar but it was a totally different company! Ooops!

What compels you to complain?