One of the things I have moaned about when getting older, is the appearance of facial hair. For some reason, whiskers start sprouting on the chin, and upper lip. Not only that, they are course and thick, and the worst thing of all, they are grey! It is a problem that women are keen to tackle, but coy to talk about….not any more!

Apparently the way to deal with these pesky hairs is not to wax, or pluck (OUCH! Have you ever tried plucking them)?, oh no… just shave them off! That’s right, you did read it correctly, SHAVE them off!

Now, I have to say, I kind of get it when you reach a certain age. I know that some of my old ladies have asked me to give them a shave when their whiskers get a bit long and of course, I oblige  –  but they are in their 80s. They are not shy about slapping on a bit of shaving foam and hacking away with a disposable razor (or trusting me to do it).

There has even been some talk by the owner of a London Beauty Clinic that it can help to reduce the signs of aging! Apparently, the act of shaving itself causes some abrasion to the skin, which stimulates collagen production thereby reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles! Make of that what you will!

Another benefit of course is that shaving is cheap!No expensive treatments for hair removal, or waxing . Oh no, just a tin of foam and a pack of disposable razors and Bob’s your uncle! If you have a man around, so much the better, you can nick his stuff!

As for that old worry that hair grows back thicker and darker once shaved, that is not true either. The same London beauty clinic (do you think they have got a sideline selling shaving equipment for ladies)? are insistent that cutting the hair off above the root will not make it grow back thicker.

This is a trend that is apparently catching on and sales of shaving products designed for ladies that want to shave their faces is being ‘rushed into the shops’!

Not sure I will be rushing out to buy it. After all, I have already missed the boat and have wrinkles!

Should women shave their faces?