British summertime….long hot, balmy evenings, beautiful blue skies, shorts, and little dresses….no chance of that yet! Yes, although British summertime officially began today, it has been a grey old day around here with a good dollop of rain chucked in for good measure as well as a howling wind!

Last night we were to put our clocks forward an hour, to welcome in summertime with an extra hour of daylight in the evening. Now I had to work today, and was worried that my phone (I use that for my alarm) would not automatically update and that I would get up an hour late. I needn’t have worried.

It blasted into life at what was effectively 4:15 this morning! I was groggy eyed and quickly groped for my wristwatch to make sure of the time before cursing and muttering, and dragging myself out of bed.

The night staff were understandably thrilled to be leaving an hour early, but the tired and drawn faces of the rest of the day shift belied the fact that they too had struggled with the loss of that important hour’s sleep!

Anyway, the shift itself was the same as usual, short-staffed and extremely busy, but in my case, peppered with yawns, as I just couldn’t seem to shake of the tiredness, which is silly really being as I went to sleep early to compensate for the ‘lost hour.’

Isn’t it great that due to it being ‘summer time’ now, I get to see another hour of dull grey skies and pouring rain before it gets dark. Things don’t get any better than this!!!!