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Spring is Coming — March 21, 2018

Spring is Coming

Longer days are coming

Bright and sunny early dawns

Nature shrugs off winter

As it stretches and it yawns

Waking from a slumber

Dusting off the gloom

Time to come alive now,

To blossom and to bloom

Spring has brought new outfits

For all the naked trees

Flowers are making pollen

To please the busy bees

Birds are coming home now

It time to meet a mate

It looks like spring is coming

And I for one, can’t wait!

#FundayMonday Reasons I Love the Seasons — November 27, 2017

#FundayMonday Reasons I Love the Seasons

Today’s video poem is about my appreciation for the seasons. Each one has something beautiful to offer.

If you enjoyed those poems, and have time for a cuppa then you might like to check out my book Rhymes of the Times. It has many more poems like this and is perfect for dipping in and out of when you fancy a little pick-me-up.


Rhymes of the Times



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Waiting for Spring — February 2, 2016

Waiting for Spring


I thought I would join in with Carole’s idea of writing a short poem with spring as the theme.

Longer days are coming

Bright and sunny early dawns

Nature shrugs off winter

As it stretches and it yawns

Waking from a slumber

Dusting off the gloom

Time to come alive now,

To blossom and to bloom

Spring has brought new outfits

For all the naked trees

Flowers are making pollen

To please the busy bees

Birds are coming home now

It time to meet a mate

It looks like spring is coming

And I for one, can’t wait!

Ronovan’s Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt #88 ‘Style’& ‘Fresh’ — January 18, 2016
Winter Cheer — January 9, 2016
Episode 280: Sunny Seaside. — April 11, 2015

Episode 280: Sunny Seaside.

Well what a beautiful day we had today. The weather was surprisingly mild for April and following on from yesterday’s spring clean, I ‘persuaded’ Mr Grump to venture into the airing cupboard (with step-ladder) and get out my summer curtains. Yes, that is how optimistic I was feeling!

Mr Grump had also been bitten by the Spring Fever bug as he decided that it would be great to have a family BBQ tomorrow, so we sent out invites (via text of course), and set about the job of tidying up the garden.

A bit of scrubbing and maneuvering later and everything looked shipshape and ready for tomorrow, It was glorious to feel the sun on my back as I was outside in just a little vest top.It certainly makes me feel better when I see a bit of sunshine.

Around lunchtime we decided to hit the coast which is only a few miles away. It was so warm down there (even with the sea breeze) that we still didn’t need a coat. There were even 2 very brave little girls in the sea in swimming cossies. The dog and Miss Hap both wimped out of going in, although Miss Hap did stick her toe in!

Of course, being at the seaside you have got to have an ice cream (well if you are a child certainly), and Miss Hap had a double 99! I was going to get some chips but did not see any, so had a pancake instead! I had cheese garlic and it nearly blew my head off. God knows how much he put in there but it was at least 2 raw cloves. I must have stunk the car out on the way home, as I was the only one to have it. I felt a bit queasy myself as I kept getting a whiff of it!

We came home then called in on my younger sister (Mrs Masterchef) and her husband (Mr Musician) plus my niece was there (Ms Beauty).They were burning some garden rubbish so we sat outside around the fire until way after dark, before going indoors for a sing-song.

What a gorgeous day. It really does seem like spring is on its way!

2015-04-10 23.46.45_wm_resized

Episode 261: In The Summertime…… — March 29, 2015

Episode 261: In The Summertime……

British summertime….long hot, balmy evenings, beautiful blue skies, shorts, and little dresses….no chance of that yet! Yes, although British summertime officially began today, it has been a grey old day around here with a good dollop of rain chucked in for good measure as well as a howling wind!

Last night we were to put our clocks forward an hour, to welcome in summertime with an extra hour of daylight in the evening. Now I had to work today, and was worried that my phone (I use that for my alarm) would not automatically update and that I would get up an hour late. I needn’t have worried.

It blasted into life at what was effectively 4:15 this morning! I was groggy eyed and quickly groped for my wristwatch to make sure of the time before cursing and muttering, and dragging myself out of bed.

The night staff were understandably thrilled to be leaving an hour early, but the tired and drawn faces of the rest of the day shift belied the fact that they too had struggled with the loss of that important hour’s sleep!

Anyway, the shift itself was the same as usual, short-staffed and extremely busy, but in my case, peppered with yawns, as I just couldn’t seem to shake of the tiredness, which is silly really being as I went to sleep early to compensate for the ‘lost hour.’

Isn’t it great that due to it being ‘summer time’ now, I get to see another hour of dull grey skies and pouring rain before it gets dark. Things don’t get any better than this!!!!

Episode 220: You Know Spring Is Sprung (In the UK) When….. — March 14, 2015

Episode 220: You Know Spring Is Sprung (In the UK) When…..

Spring is definitely on the way here in the UK at the moment, We have even had a couple of consecutive pleasant days which is a sure sign that some of the following are going to happen…..

  • The good old barbecue will be dusted off and dragged into service due to the face that the sun shone for over an hour. (Yes, guess what we are having for dinner tonight?) It was lovely whilst I was at work, but of course now the sun has gone in and it has clouded over. By the time we get to cook all the goodies Mr Grump has bought the rain will probably be bucketing down! No matter.
  • The more macho of the men would have also dug their shorts out for the occasion too.Forget the fact that the temperatures are still pretty chilly, and we have had a bit of frost. That won’t bother them. They are determined to expose their pasty legs for all to admire (usually with a great big pair of boots on their feet, it’s not summer yet you know)!
  • Everywhere you look there are adverts for some miracle diet or another that will have you ‘bikini ready’ by the summer if you start now! That’s all well and good, and I have already started my diet, but that is one hell of a tall order! Mind you I might be baggy t-shirt and long shorts ready by the summer if I work really hard at it!
  • People have started to hang their washing on the line, so that it has that lovely ‘outdoor freshness’ appeal. Mine doesn’t. My garden gets the shade most of the day, and if I were to hang my washing out now it would be just as limp and damp when I brought it in as it was when I hung it out 8 hours earlier!
  • The local garden centres are starting to get busy now, People have decided that it is time to start planting things or doing a spot of DIY, This means that the frost will kill off many of the seedlings that have sprouted when that kicks in; also the A&E departments in the hospitals will be extra busy with the results of the DIY disasters!

Ahh yes, spring is such a wonderful time of year!

Episode 202: Spring into Action! — March 7, 2015

Episode 202: Spring into Action!

Ahhh, spring is in the air. I do so love the fleeting, tantalising glimpses of sunshine that have been coming out to play, off and on. I love the daffodils that are just starting to bud, breaking the monotony of the brown landscape that is all around (that reminds me to chuck out the daffodils in the vase on the kitchen window sill as they have gone a bit brown and crispy now)!

I love the fact that I might be able to hang my washing outside on the line, and see it waving gently in the breeze (I do hope the weather doesn’t change before the washing cycle ends) as opposed to hanging limply in the shade all day only to be wetter when I take it in than when I hung it out!

I can’t wait to be able to wear less clothes, and not have to bother taking a coat. (Well, that is always a risk in England, even during the height of summer). Mind you, summer clothes means more skin exposed, which also means, I hope this bloody diet kicks in soon, and the weight drops off (I wish), so that I am all slim and lovely in my pretty summer dresses.(I can’t expect miracles, I know)!

I am looking forward to Mr Grump planting all sorts of things for us enjoy over the summer. (Well the rhubarb takes care of itself, the herbs have all gone a bit wild and woody over the  winter, and pumpkins aren’t ready until the autumn!

He does so love to be pottering about in the garden; cursing and swearing as he tries to repair the fence (again) that has been swaying perilously during the winter, held up by popping heavy plant pots against it, and attaching one end to the shed with a carabiner. He loves the fact that the garden is slopey and therefore quite squidgy in places where it is waterlogged!

And for the big finale! The good old ‘Spring Clean’! Oh yes, this is the time of year that we all love. The poor house is quaking in its foundations at the thought of being strip-washed and exposed, whilst being scrubbed, polished and buffed into submission!

Ahh yes, I love the spring!

Episode 169: Spring is On The Way….. — February 18, 2015

Episode 169: Spring is On The Way…..

Now I don’t like to boast, but poor Donna from MyOBT was just complaining how cold it was over in New York, and I just had to mention what a beautiful, sunny day it is here in the good old UK. Knowing how obsessed us Brits are with the weather, it makes a very pleasant change to have something positive to say about it for once!

Last night I had to work a rare night shift; It was really busy, and as usual was stuffy and hot up on the ward despite the freezing temperatures outside. I was heartened however, to notice that the dawn was breaking early, and as it approached 8am when it was time to go home, the sun was shining.

I did not however, bargain on having to scrape ice off the windscreen and spend 20 minutes defrosting the car, before  I could get home to my bed. Not being used to nights my poor, shattered eyes were squinting against the dazzling sun driving home.

When I finally dropped into bed, I was awakened about less than three hours later by kids playing outside, (it’s half-term week), enjoying the unexpectedly lovely day. I dragged myself downstairs to see Mr Grump manically cleaning out the fish tank. Something has put him in a good mood then, must be the sunshine!

I decided to leave him to it and flopped out on the sofa for an hour, trying to get a bit more shut-eye. When I woke back up we decided to go out and get a couple more fish as the tank was looking a bit sparse. a bit of new life is what we needed. As we walked into the Garden Centre Mr Grump suddenly piped up with,

“Oooh it’s a little colder than I thought”. I told him that I was ok, in fact, I was quite warm. The difference between us was, that I hadn’t gone Commando!

Don’t you just love the spring?

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