You are never too old for a bit of loving, and when you get to 82, you know a trick or two about the best places to go when you want to pick someone up for a bit of fun!

Now a lay-by on a busy road doesn’t spring to mind as a great pick-up joint, but this particular pensioner(named Mr Cockerill) knew his stuff, and after attending a meeting far from home, decided that he could do with a bit of light relief. He set off with high hopes and was thrilled to find that another vehicle was already there.

Mr Cockerill could hardly contain his excitement and decided to introduce himself to his prospective partner. The truck driver, a man in his 40s we rather surprised to suddenly find a face at his open window, and thought that the aged gent was in need of some help.

Mr Cockerill, meanwhile had spotted the bunk in the cabin, and was anticipating a bit of comfort as well as passion, and gestured to the truck driver, the cosy cabin. Unfortunately, he was a bit slow on the uptake judging by his vacant expression, so Mr Cockerill decided that he had better make his intentions a little clearer.

He put his hands through the window and gently caressed his way to the prize he was hoping to get. No luck! The stunned recipient of his amorous advances, suddenly came to and ‘nudged’ Mr Cockerill’s hand out of the way. Although he was taught to respect his elders, the driver did not appreciate the groping and called the police!

They duly came out to arrest Mr Cockerill. Apparently the truck driver  was totally unaware of the reputation of the lay-by for fun and frolics, and he was there awaiting to be loaded up with pig feed! Hardly the most romantic of reasons!

Mr Cockerill had got it very wrong in his assumption that he would have a bit of ‘afternoon delight’ and has now ended up on the sex register!

You couldn’t make it up!