I have decided to have a go at ‘Tidbit Tuesday’ after enjoying reading posts by Randy Rob and Erotic Erika! As I am a virgin at this, I will need breaking in gently! I am not sure yet how far I am going to go, let’s see what happens.

This is about  finally getting to be with someone, after wanting them for a long time!

New Love

Flirty looks from lowered lashes

Music plays soft and low

A glass of wine to ease the tension

Things are going nice and slow

A kiss that started out so gentle

Deepens as the passion starts

Stroking hands and soft caresses

Mingling breath and beating hearts

Groans of pleasure, ever louder

As he gently moves inside

Now the tempo is getting faster

Yearning cannot be denied

Thrusting, probing, arching, moaning

The dance of love is at its height

Clenching, screaming, sighing, sated

This is love that feels just right.