Oh I do love a Wednesday, especially when I have dug up another gem of a word to share with you, and play about with. Today’s is particularly funny as I was unaware of its origin, and on finding out what it could be, added to my delight. So let me re-acquaint you with…..

Codswallop. Yes, it is a wonderful word that is not given enough chance to shine. Now those origins,  ‘cods’ are apparently testicles and ‘wallop’ of course is to smack or hit. Presumably in days gone by if someone was caught telling lies they would get a swift smack in the goolies to discourage them from doing it again!

As you have probably guessed if you did not know already, that this word is a load of cobblers, total piffle, not to mention poppycock! It is balderdash, and bullshit,  hogwash and horseshit, and just plain old shit, shit!

People who talk mumbo-jumbo, fiddle-faddle and a load of bollocks! They blather and babble about stuff and nonsense, and utter tripe.

Actually, I am not surprised this word originated from a clout to the nethers!