This is the kind of story that shows just how miraculous life can be. Nick is a real inspiration, and with his and Sue’s determination, they have battled against the odds.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


You may know my sonโ€™s story. For once, I have no problem repeating it for those who do not. I have a very good reason for it that I have been bursting to share!

In 2009 my son was 25โ€ฆ a good looking, successful young man with a fast car, nice apartment near the coast and a very promising career. That ended on July 4th when he was left for dead in a Bournemouth alley, stabbed through the brain in an unprovoked attack.

I have written before of the terror of the next days as he underwent brain surgery to remove the shards of shattered bone from the left hemisphere of his brain. I have told of the weeks of heartache as we waited to see if he would live or die, while his brain bled and swelled, causing further damage to the brain stem itself and shared both theโ€ฆ

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