After a bit of a grumpy start to the week, I am glad that it is now Wednesday and I can cheer myself up by dusting off a word that I haven’t heard for ages, but it just makes me laugh when I do. I tried it out on Mr Grump a couple of times as well, by calling him it (not that he was impressed; still, I enjoyed it). This teeny little word says it all……

Berk.Β This is such a silly word, looking a right Charlie if you ask me. A foolish fathead who is a bit of a wally; a nincompoop, numpty or even a knob.

This clueless clot is a dunderhead to say the least. they blunder around blithering and blathering and generally acting the buffoon. It is normally harmless and inoffensive just blissfully ignorant. Acting like a prat and being a bit of a plank is par for the course!

I seem to have quite a lot in common with this word! πŸ™‚