I loved this post about a miraculous new beginning from a near tragic ending.

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I am notoriously useless about keeping up with things like prompts, but Colleen at Silver Threading, offered a theme this week that was just too appropriate to ignore. New beginnings.

You might… just possibly… have noticed that my son is riding in the very first Para-Tri triathlon this weekend… the first such event in the UK where able-bodied and disabled competitors race side by side. You may even have noticed the brand new trike he has been riding for the past four weeks… And if you have been following his story you will have gathered that for years he was unable to go anywhere alone, without having someone behind him to push the wheelchair.

For the past year he has had an electric wheelchair that gave him a taste of freedom, but the battery range is limited, it can’t cope with rough ground very well and, as Nick says…

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