Welcome to another Friday Free-For-All.I have got a variety of goodies for you to enjoy this week from handy tips to things of beauty and all sorts in between. It will be very much worth your while to visit these blogs as they have so much more to give.

Jen’s Pen Den Now this post gives some wonderful advice to all of you writers, plus I think it also applies to blogging as well. I am always looking for ways to improve my blog and there is so much to learn, so getting hints and tips from those ‘in the know’ is always a huge bonus!

My OBT This post is absolutely delightful. I think these are so cleverly designed and I covet them all. Thanks so much to Donna from sharing them.

Van By The River I loved this post. as it was something that was so true in my family (Hence the reason I originally left home at 16 to work at a holiday camp)! Van has a wonderful way with words and this was a great post.

Battered Wife Seeking Better Life Isn’t it amazing how so few words can convey so much? This Haiku is very poignant.

Simply Marquessa This was a very fun post that I really enjoyed reading. It just has that little hint of naughtiness to it as well (for those with dirty minds)!