The week has whizzed by again and here we are for another roundup of some fantastic posts that have caught my eye this week, and it is a real mixed bag of treats for you. There is humour, sadness, wisdom and wit in abundance for your delectation. I highly recommend visiting these blogs, because they all have a variety of other posts that are just as wonderful.

Myths of the Mirror This is a post that I think many of us can relate to. Not only do I love the humourous way it is written, I can’t imagine how I would feel if I were in the position where I was taking a break for a week!

The 9th Life A thought-provoking post that makes us look at things in a different way – literally!

Shawn Bird An absolutely brilliant poem from a different perspective. It very cleverly makes a point albeit a very polite one compared to what most of us would have liked to have said if we had been in this position!

TanGentle I loved this post. Geoff had this way of writing that is just so funny. Although I have never met him (I hope to at the next Bloggers Bash), I just know he is going to make me laugh constantly with his dry humour.

Silver Threading This was another excellent poem but in a totally different way. The image that goes with it matches perfectly. I have been in this position and this poem sums it up so well.

My Travels With Depression. This post was quite remarkable yet bittersweet. I don’t want to say anymore and spoil it, but it was amazing.

Ben’s Bitter Blog This post is something I like to moan at, but from the other side of the argument! I have to say, the humorous way he has written it, has almost made me change my mind!

These wonderful posts should keep you all highly entertained this weekend.

Happy Friday!