It seems that several of us at the moment are having a bit of a clear out, doing some re-organising and tidying up of our blogs.

I have sorted out the overload of emails situation and then decided that I should ‘pretty up’ the look of my blog a bit. (You can tell I have got a bit of time off)! What started out as me trying to sort out the pictures and photos  (I failed), ended up with me spending hours on creating a lovely front page for my blog (Thank you Don Charisma for the tutorial that was so clear, it even worked for a dunce like me)!

I spent a further few hours this morning trying to create menus like ‘Tidbit Tuesday’ where I can put all the relevant posts. As some of you might have noticed, I failed at that as well as it all got a bit messy and complicated. This then led to some profuse swearing and ended up with a savage jabbing at the ‘delete’ button.

Anyway, I hope you like my new-look blog.