What a start to the Rugby World cup. Only a few games in, and there has just been a surprising result which has ended in tears (on both sides)! Japan(unplaced) has just played South Africa (twice World Champions), and won – by 35-32 points, and in overtime too! Japan are beyond ecstatic and, Mr Grump nearly screamed the house down shouting encouragement at the Japanese players which of course, spurred them on to victory.

The British Press definitely love an underdog, They always seem to focus their attention on reality TV contestants though. You know, the wimp screaming in the jungle, or perhaps the unusual looking person with an extraordinary talent and a decent sob-story on the X-Factor type shows. They also love a clumsy klutz in the dancing type of shows, whether it be ballroom clod hopping, or skidding on ice.

What makes me laugh though, is they build these people up, giving them lots of confidence and support, sometimes even rallying the public to their cause, before cruelly and seemingly for no reason, bringing them down. Running stories about their sordid pasts, criminal relatives, or even dodgy taste in clothes. It seems to be a fun game for them to play, seeing how far they can go in both extremes, in some cases ruining careers, and/or reputations.

I enjoy seeing people surpass others’ expectations of them. This is why it is so important to have faith and belief in yourself. That Japanese rugby team did and look where it has got them! No-one expected Β or even thought they would stand a chance against those South Africans, but they won.

Congratulations to them, what wonderful role models for the underdogs!