As this is now my second week at work, I am actually going out and about with other nurses and getting to meet some of the patients, which has been really nice. A couple of them have even remembered my name which is pretty special to me, The community nurses seem to have a much closer relationship with the patients and built on trust and mutual respect and it is reflected by the way the patients greet you and welcome you into their home.

By the same token, driving around between visits has also given me the opportunity to get to know some of the nurses a little better as well. As many of you know, I am quite a shy person. However, sometimes when I get a bit nervous I talk too muchΒ and start blathering on about all sorts, barely pausing for breath.

Today I was out with my boss and we got to talking about my daughter. I mentioned that she had Asperger’s and a lengthy conversation ensued in which I rabbited on about how she had got into a bit of trouble at school because of her tendency to say what she thinks. This is not always appreciated by the staff, or other children and has landed her in hot water on several occasions. My boss was pretty empathetic actually considering she hardly managed to get a word in edgeways!

Amway, this afternoon I went out with another senior nurse and we drove through town just as my daughter’s school was kicking out, so we saw a load of them milling about.The nurse made a comment about the school and I mentioned my daughter went there, and because I had told the boss earlier, I told her the story of how she got into trouble a few times. It was then she told me that her husband was a teacher there!

I was cringing because if I had known that, I would never have said anything to them about my daughter, so as not to mark her card! I asked her when she got in if she knew this teacher. Yes, he had taught her last year! Luckily, she has a different surname from me, but then I think I mentioned her first name which is not that common! Ooops!

Image courtesy of WikiCommonsΒ