Welcome to my Wacky word Wednesday! I do love digging up weird, wonderful or wacky words to share, that quite frankly, are not getting the usage they deserve! Today I have found one that is still around, but not as popular as it used to be (probably because to be called it is not exactly complimentary. I love the sound of this word as it is, but that can be improved even more if you inject a bit of venom into it!

Gormless. ย This is a ‘lights on but nobody home’ kind of a word. Vacant and vacuous. dopey and dim-witted, the kind of puzzled and perplexed look that shows a total lack of comprehension. It is the airhead, who can’t concentrate, the numskull that doesn’t get it no matter how many times it is repeated!

It is the dunderhead fooling around and messing everything up; the silly idiot playing pitiful pranks. All-in-all, a pretty apt word to describe how I am feeling at the moment trying to learn things for my new job!