I wasn’t sure what I was going to use today for TJ’s Household Challenge as ‘containers’ had so many possibilities.

Anyway, I have been on the lookout for a bag to keep my knitting in as a carrier bag is not the best receptacle! I was looking on Amazon to see how much they are and resented paying thirty quid for the bucket bag that I wanted.

However, I came across Craftsy Website where they had free tutorials on how to make one. Bonus! I had a few scraps of fabric leftover and gave it a whirl. I was really thrilled, as although I am not a great sewist (sewer looks wrong), I managed to make it, and I was more pleased as I have not felt like doing any sewing or anything for ages.

After all that rambling here is my haiku (and my bag)!


My new knitting bag –

A few hours,  some old fabric

Was all it took!