I have decided that for this week’s Writespiration, created by Sacha Black, I would actually try to write a Flash Fiction story as opposed to a poem. (This is very new for me). The prompt is ‘The Red Lipstick.’

Jane strolled back casually towards the dorm.  She had given up a night of passion with Rob to babysit for one of the teachers at the last minute and had spent the night there.  Still being early on this lazy Saturday morning, Jane anticipated how much fun she and Rob would have making up for lost time.

As she drew closer, her stomach fluttered with excitement.  Rob was so gorgeous; she still couldn’t believe he had chosen to go out with her.  He had a gaggle of giggling admirers, not least ‘Slutty Sue’ the pouty blonde with the overdeveloped curves to counteract her underdeveloped brain!  Jane’s thoughts always turned spiteful when she thought of her bitter rival for Rob’s affections.

Rob had been a player, but Jane was convinced she had changed him, ignoring warnings from her friends that he was still messing around.  He was in love with her; he had even told her so two weeks ago when he was trying to relieve her of her virginity.  Of course, she gave in to him on hearing this, as he knew she would.

She entered the old building now, which was still, and quiet, and noticed that Rob’s keys were not in the door, as usual, waiting for her to let herself in.

“Rob, ROB, are you in there?”  Jane hammered at the door.

Eventually, she heard a ‘click’ of the lock and Rob called for her to come in.  He looked ghastly.  His face pale, hair messed up, and the room stank of stale beer and cigarettes.  Jane wrinkled her nose but leaned over to greet Rob with a kiss, trying not to recoil from the rancid blast of putrid air that emanated from his mouth.  As he reached up to put his arms around her neck, the sheets slipped off his shoulders.

There written in bright red lipstick across his back  was one word.  ‘ Sue.’