Today I am combining Linda’s Just Jot it January prompt with the one for Stream of Consciousness. Please check out her blog for instructions on how to participate.

The first title that came into my head of a movie was ‘Grease.’ It had to be really, as it is my all-time favourite film. When it came out in 1978, I was twelveΒ years old. I remember wishing that my secondary school was like Rydell High instead of the stuffy girls’ grammar school that I attended.

I had a massive crush on John Travolta’s Danny, but Jeff Conaway’s Kenickie was my favourite. He seemed more the ‘bad boy’ which has always attracted me. Plus he was so good looking and could dance too.

Nearly everything about this film appealed to me. I love 1950s fashion and still do. They seemed so much more feminine and flattering for women, and, the men in their leather jackets, t-shirts and jeans, looked like they knew how to handle themselves, and no doubt, their women too!

The cars were cool, and the music was brilliant too! I loved all of the songs and the dancing as well. The film really brought together all of the best elements of the 50’s, and with such a wonderful cast, they were on to a winner.

Even Rizzo came good in the end, and joined in, That last scene at the fairground with everyone enjoying themselves, singing a few catchy songs, always lifts my spirits. I have to confess to watching this film every time it is on! It is definitely, ‘The One That I Want!’