I am not sure what to write about for Linda’s Just Jot it January prompt word today. We have been given ‘collection’ to use. I am not really a collector of things. Some people collect spoons, teapots, beer mats, all manner of things really, but that is not for me.

I did have a small record collection, but that got left behind in a move, I had some cassette tapes, but they are amongst my other clutter up in the loft, and as for my CD collection, well it is probably, at least, twenty  years out of date! I haven’t bought music for years, and never buy DVDs. I do have a lot of books, though.

I am a little too obsessive to be a collector, I think.  If I started a collection of something then I would constantly be adding to it, never knowing when to stop until I ended up on ‘Hoarders’ or some such programme. I would then get het up if I had to part with any of it.

I am very possessive of my possessions actually and am not keen on chucking anything out, especially if someone has given it to me. I have recently had some help from my sister on decluttering the shelves in my front room that were so full up, you couldn’t actually see anything!

Every photo of Miss Hap from a baby to present, that was taken by a school  or nursery photographer,  were fighting for space; some teacups that were given to me when dad died were also vying for a spot, as were the many candles that I have got all over the place!

It pained me a great deal to put most of the photos in the loft, and get rid of some of the candles that had seen better days! However, the shelves look much better, and that actually makes me feel better!

For me, collections equate to clutter and I have already got enough of that as it is!