Today I am going to combine two of Linda’s challenges, Just Jot it January and Stream of Consciousness. Please check out her blog if you want to participate, you will find lots of other goodies there too.

The prompt word is ‘odds/even’

I wasn’t sure where to go with this one, The first thing that springs to mind is horseracing and betting. Now, seeing as I know absolutely nothing about this apart from when you place a bet, the odds of winning (especially for me) are pretty low!

I do actually have a bet on the Grand National once a year. It is the one and only time I will bet on anything, and it is only a very small amount of money. I choose my horse like I choose my car, if it looks nice, then I will go for it. Especially if the jockey is wearing yellow or gold, two of my favourite colours. Sometimes, I might even go by the name of the horse.

I don’t usually take any notice of the odds or past form, or whatever you are supposed to consider when placing a bet. I just enjoy the process of poring over the newspaper, and choosing a couple of horses. Mr Grump and Miss Hap choose theirs too, and then we walk down to the bookies to place the bet. (Well Mr Grump goes in, for some reason, I consider them dens of iniquity, and don’t want to go in there.

So, come 4 pm we are glued to the TV, cheering on our horses. Inevitably one of mine will have fallen pretty early on, but I have had third place before. I know that my mum and sisters are also having a go. so we usually have a bit of banter as to whose horse will get it.

A couple of years ago, Miss Hap’s horse won.Obviously, she is too young to bet, and we paid the stakes (if that is the right term). She was wild when we gave her a fiver out of the takings and kept the rest! (It wasn’t a huge amount).

Well, that’s a surprise. I have managed to write a whole post on horseracing after all, even though I don’t know anything about it!