I have been over at Sue’s place again where I was made very welcome. She is always up for new guests to go calling in so why not go along too 🙂

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I had such a lovely time round at Sue’s before that I have come back again for another visit. Luckily, she didn’t slam the door in my face, and in fact, made me feel very welcome. As my blog is less niche and more mish-mash,  I found it a little tricky as to what to write…


I am not a writer per se

I do not have exotic holidays

No huge weightloss to boast

No recipes to post

And I don’t work out every day!


I am pretty rubbish at art

With SEO, I don’t even know where to start

At fashion, I fail

And dancing as well

And for marketing, I don’t have the heart.


Giving parenting advice, I will pass

Photography, I’d be bottom of the class

My sewing is erratic

I’m no gardening fanatic

And I can’t tell you how best to clean glass!

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