This week Linda has given us, passive or aggressive for our Stream of Consciousness posts, which can be used any way we choose; we can use one, or both. Bonus points for starting the post with one or the other of them. 

Aggressive behaviour is not something that I use to deal with a situation. In fact, I am a very non-confrontational type of person on the whole. I wouldn’t say that I am completely passive as there are times when I will certainly stand up for something that I believe in.

The trick is to be able to confront someone in a way that is not aggressive, yet it is firm enough to show that you mean business! This is something that I don’t find that easy to do, as I end up being too soft or sounding whiny as opposed to firm!

However, when I am at work it is a different matter as I often come across aggressive behaviour, and have to deal with it for the safety of not just myself, but others too sometimes. I prefer to try to defuse the situation first by being calm. Going in roaring and shouting can often make it worse anyway.

Well, I seem to have rambled on a bit as usual, but then talking myself out of an aggressive situation is my preferred weapon of choice!