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It Found Me Again. — December 15, 2015

It Found Me Again.

It creeps up unexpectedly

Just when things are going well

It digs its mighty claws in you

And drags you down to hell

There’s not always a trigger

To warn it is on its way

It is just ‘there’ in your head

When you wake up one day.

You try to get rid of it

And pretend that you’re ok

But it has got a hold on you

And will not go away

No one understands you,

Yesterday you were fine

How comes now you’re moody

And miserable all the time?

I thought I had you beaten

Or at least, kept you at bay

But you’ve come back to taunt me

And are here to stay.

Episode 484: Back To Work. — September 6, 2015

Episode 484: Back To Work.

How time flies! Tomorrow it is back to work for me, after having had a week off. I had been looking forward to having a couple of days for myself at the end of last week as Miss Hap went back to school and Mr.  Grump was working. (Pah, he went and got Man ‘Flu which put paid to my peace and quiet).

The topsy-turvy hours that I worked are also over, so there are no more nights for a while. They are not so bad, it is just the lack of sleep in the daytime that I can’t get a handle on!

As I mentioned, I have been offered a new job which I am excited about but I have to wait for the security checks to be done which can take ages so I have to wait before I hand my notice in which is pretty frustrating as I just want to get stuck in now. Patience is not exactly my strong point, except of course when dealing with my patients!

Episode 90: Banishing The Blues….. — January 6, 2015

Episode 90: Banishing The Blues…..

Today is one of those days….I am not feeling so great, as I have been fighting with anxiety for a while now, and it has temporarily won. However, I will take stock, re-arm and continue to fight  until it surrenders…

In the meantime, I thought I would drag myself out of the inertia (I haven’t slept so much for ages) and try to make myself feel and look better by painting my toenails(the logical choice for someone who is severely lacking in motivation to do anything). I have recently bought some lovely polish and set about the job. Well I needn’t have bothered! The end result looks  like it has been applied by a two-year old wearing boxing gloves! What a bloody mess, my toes have nice dark green blobs all over them. Some of which are actually on the nails as intended, but most are liberally dotted everywhere else!

I am however, going to try to do a bit of housework. God knows I am hard-pressed to want to do that at any time, let alone when I am feeling like this, but a fellow anxiety sufferer whose blog I follow, finds that she enjoys it, and it helps her,(as you can read here). So I will try and take a leaf out of Mary-Anne’s book and give it a go.

Mind you, I cannot get as excited about putting the rubbish out as she does. If there is one thing that annoys me, it is a full-up rubbish bin, and I usually nag ask Mr Grump to take it out. He will no doubt be pleased to be relieved of this duty for a while whilst I try out my cleaning rampage to see if that helps me fight the enemy!

I think having a positive attitude helps, and perhaps that is where I am always going wrong. It seems to be a bit of a trait in my family. I know both of my sisters have mentioned that they too seem to look on the negative side of things. It is funny, but it seems to be quite a difficult habit to get out of! That is something else I need to take in hand and gain control of.

Yep, I need to get myself up off of the settee.  I have become far too attached to it today. I nodded off on it earlier, and woke up feeling cold and groggy, then lazed about watching TV which was pretty depressing. I notice that naughty Roxy (our dog) dived straight into the comfy corner spot as soon as I  got up to use my laptop! She certainly doesn’t care if she sleeps all day.

I think I might dig out one of my favourite 80s CDs to blast out whilst I am cleaning up. I fancy a bit of Human League or Depeche Mode might lighten the mood… Well it’s time to stop procrastinating…off I go into the fray!

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