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#JusJotJan and One-Liner Wednesday 2018. January 3rd Teeth — January 3, 2018

#JusJotJan and One-Liner Wednesday 2018. January 3rd Teeth

Today we are combining One-Liner Wednesday with Just Jot it January.

Life is short, smile while you still have teeth!

Although the above quote makes me laugh, it certainly has more than a ring of truth in it for me. Despite religiously visiting the dentist every six months I have had no end of trouble with my teeth! It didn’t help that in my 20s I still had around 4 or 5 baby teeth with no second teeth to follow.

Bridges, crowns and gold teeth sorted out some of my problems until I ended up with abscesses and infections. Being a heavy smoker for years probably didn’t help either!

Despite giving up the cigarettes three years ago, and still making my regular visits to the dentist, I found out just before Christmas that I had to have another five teeth out, yes FIVE!!! You would think that I would be pretty blasé and calm having teeth out after all my previous experience, but I am a terrible wimp and usually end up shaking and fidgeting.

The dentist got a bit cross with me while yanking out one of the teeth which happened to be a wisdom tooth as I flapped about with my hands as I panicked a bit! He told me off as I could have jerked his hand and caused myself an injury!  To be honest, I felt more like causing him an injury taking a load of teeth out, even though it was for my own good!  Still, he only took out four in the end, after deciding one of them was not too bad after all.

I haven’t smiled a lot since then, I can tell you!

#SoCS Cramp — December 2, 2017

#SoCS Cramp

This week Linda has given us cramp to use for our Stream of Consciousness posts, which can be used any way we like.

I suffer terribly with cramp. It is not just in my feet or at night, it can be anywhere at any time. I have even got it when I have laughed and the muscles in my ribcage have cramped. So I going for laughing hysterically to grimacing and rubbing my side because it hurts!

I have suddenly shot up in a room because my calf has cramped, or if I am trying to be discreet, I rock my leg back and forth trying to ease the pain or straighten it out trying to see if that helps.

Of course, it can be embarrassing as well. I have had cramp whilst having the nurse doing the intimate examinations we women need to have, and at other times when cramp has been rather a passion killer!

I don’t understand where it came from as it started probably about 8 years ago or so. Sometimes if I get cold I might get it, but other times I can just turn around or brush my hair and I get it then too!

It really does cramp my style!

SoCS Cramp
#SoCS Armistice — November 11, 2017

#SoCS Armistice

This week Linda has given us arm to use either as a word or as part of a word for our Stream of Consciousness posts. I have chosen to use it as part of the word, Armistice.

Ninety-Nine years ago today, at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month an Armistice was signed between Germany and the Allies, which went on to signal the end of the First World War or Great War as it was also known.

Despite the terrible stories that emerged, young boys signing up, never to return home to their parents; the appalling conditions in the trenches, atrocities seen that we would never want to experience in our worst nightmares; men shot for being ‘deserters,’ or if they didn’t enlist to go to war, being given a white feather which was a symbol of cowardice, trying to shame them into enlisting, just over twenty years later, there was another World War and many other conflicts followed after that.

So many lives lost and others changed forever. The flashbacks, missing limbs, mental illness and damaged lungs, just some of the horrendous legacies many were left with. The bereaved parents, widowed women and fatherless children left trying to cope not only with their losses but in some cases struggling to survive with no emotional or financial support.


Sadly, it seems in this volatile world that we are living in that life is becoming expendable. We have seen so many instances of gunmen opening fire randomly, killing innocent people, in some cases children. Others have no regard even for their own lives and blow themselves up, often resulting in others being maimed, injured or even killed in the process. Again, lives ruined, families broken irreparably, heartache, pain and suffering.

There has to be another way…..

SoCS Shortcut Armistice








Just Jot It January 3rd – Frozen — January 3, 2016

Just Jot It January 3rd – Frozen

The following post is in response to Linda’s Just Jot It January. If you haven’t  already checked it out, please do so. It is a great way to get the blogging juices flowing!

One of the joys of a British winter is often waking up in the morning to a thick coating of frost everywhere. For many of us, this means  standing outside in the freezing cold with a scraper, scratching away with numb fingers. Poor Mr Grump, he did use to suffer out there  whilst I drank my tea, impatiently waiting for my car to be ready! Luckily this year has been much milder and we have only had the odd icy morning.

We took the decorations down on New Year’s Day, and Mr Grump was climbing up on furniture unpinning all the lights that were around the room. I meanwhile was undressing the poor old Christmas tree. I heard a loud ‘thud’ and a bit of swearing, and spun round wondering what had happened. Mr Grump was squatting on the chair clutching his head, frozen in pain. I however, was stuggling to control my lips from twitiching.

He is a bit of a drama  queen when he hurts himself, and was talking through clenched teeth, telling me he hit his head on the celing. I had already gathered this, but him crouching there statue-like, hands over his head was playing havoc with me trying to keep up a sympathetic wife face. I finally managed to prise his hands off his bald pate to see a pinhead sized piece of skin had been scraped off. How disappointing, I thought there might have at least been an egg sized lump after the fuss he made!





Bumping Along! — October 22, 2015

Bumping Along!

I am sorry to report that not quite two weeks into my new job, and only a week out on the road, I have had my first injury! Now as many of you know, I am pretty clumsy and am banging into things so often that it is almost an everyday event, not worthy of a mention.

However, yesterday morning I was to meet up with one of my senior colleagues in order to spend the day with her. As she was coming from a different direction, I was actually meeting her at the patient’s house about 10 miles away just after 8 am.

Of course, I love to be punctual (if not too bloody early) for everything, and had decided that once I had consulted Mr Sat Nav to see how long it was going to take me, and taken in the fact that it was pouring with rain, plus factored in the possibility of rush hour traffic that I should leave at 7.20.

Needless to say, I got there way too early at (7.45), but I spent the time productively loitering in my car catching up with the comments on my blog! I have a squeegee in the car for when the windows get steamed up, which I had used in order to see out of the windows when it got near the time to meet my colleague.

I chucked it into the little compartment just under the steering wheel and went to get out of the car. As it is a lot smaller than my previous yellow car, the squeegee was sticking out and dug right into my knee scraping off the top layer of skin in the process. Had I been on my own I would have uttered a few choice words and hopped around for a bit clutching my knee, but I wanted to try to look professional.

I plastered a smile (or rather a grimace) on my face as I greeted my colleague but was in such pain with the knee that I hobbled over to her, limping lopsidedly. Noticing her alarmed expression I mentioned that I had bumped my knee and laughed it off! I added as a little extra that I was ‘a bit clumsy’ which I immediately regretted as we were administering insulin to the patient! She must have been thanking her lucky stars that I wasn’t coming at her with a needle!

One-Liner Wednesday. That’ll Make Me Feel Better!!! — September 30, 2015

One-Liner Wednesday. That’ll Make Me Feel Better!!!

“Take one or two of these mixed in a little water before bed….be careful though as you might vomit. I did when I took them!”

Some advice from my GP today when I went to see here with a severe sore throat and ‘bumpy’ painful tongue.

She gave me some strong pain killers to take before bed when my throat is at its worst, and my tongue feels like it is going to dry up and fall off!

Not sure if they are going to make me feel better or worse!

This post was inspired by Linda G Hill

Episode 211: Get it Write! — March 10, 2015

Episode 211: Get it Write!

You may remember that I wrote about that poor woman who had the eyebrow tattoos which were absolutely awful here well I have recently heard about someone else who has just had a tattoo he rather regrets!

Now most of us love a good song! Yes music can really define us, it can be the soundtrack to our lives; there is that one song that just says it all for us. When I find a song like that I will play it to death until I get sick of it and ,move on to something else.

That is not enough for some people though. Oh no! They need to go and get the name of the song, or the line or perhaps a verse tattooed permanently on their body (so they don’t forget the words when they are old perhaps). They might even go the whole hog and get the artist/band/group name etched into their skin as well, for good measure.

I have nothing at all against tattoos, I even have one (not too big, as it is too bloody painful) myself. Plus Mr Grump has quite a few, one of them, with my name on, so I do rather like them.

However, if you are going to get something as a permanent tribute to your favourite song by your favourite band then for Christ’s sake, get it right! Check that the tattooist has understood exactly what you want otherwise you could end up with one like the poor guy on my picture!

I prefer Slack Babbath myself!

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