Today we are combining One-Liner Wednesday with Just Jot it January.

Life is short, smile while you still have teeth!

Although the above quote makes me laugh, it certainly has more than a ring of truth in it for me. Despite religiously visiting the dentist every six months I have had no end of trouble with my teeth! It didn’t help that in my 20s I still had around 4 or 5 baby teeth with no second teeth to follow.

Bridges, crowns and gold teeth sorted out some of my problems until I ended up with abscesses and infections. Being a heavy smoker for years probably didn’t help either!

Despite giving up the cigarettes three years ago, and still making my regular visits to the dentist, I found out just before Christmas that I had to have another five teeth out, yes FIVE!!! You would think that I would be pretty blasΓ© and calm having teeth out after all my previous experience, but I am a terrible wimp and usually end up shaking and fidgeting.

The dentist got a bit cross with me while yanking out one of the teeth which happened to be a wisdom tooth as I flapped about with my hands as I panicked a bit! He told me off as I could have jerked his hand and caused myself an injury!  To be honest, I felt more like causing him an injury taking a load of teeth out, even though it was for my own good!  Still, he only took out four in the end, after deciding one of them was not too bad after all.

I haven’t smiled a lot since then, I can tell you!