Now I don’t know anything about NFL Superbowl, other than it is a HUGE sporting event. This years league championship game was between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks, and the patriots won.

The reason it has come to my attention is because there was an article about it in one of our tabloid newspapers. Now you might be mistaken for thinking that it focused on the game; all the drama, and excitement, plus the tension, the crowd etc. It didn’t!

Oh no, this article was all about Katy Perry and her dancing sharks! Well, as soon as I saw the headline, I decided that it needed further investigation, and I was not disappointed! There was even a video clip for my delight and entertainment!

And was I entertained! Katy Perry herself, looked as stunning as always, but whose idea was it to have dancing sharks? I mean for God’s sake, look at the outfits they had to wear for a start! How can anyone be  expected to dance in that? They look like something that they used to make contestants wear in ‘It’s a Knockout’ in order to hamper their movements.

It seems like it had the same effect here. The poor old shark in the left got a little confused as to what they were doing, and must have thought that if he(or she) kept moving no-one would notice. After all, there is no way the dance routine is going to be that elaborate with a limited range of movement, (Those outfits might as well be straightjackets)! Ok if you want to do that Irish dancing where you don’t move your arms I suppose!

One other thing I would like to mention about the poor sharks is their sad expressions! Now I am not surprised given that they could hardly move, and one of them has messed up the routine, but honestly, their morose expressions said it all! Poor buggers!

It made me laugh though!

Photo credits. Reuters