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#JusJoJan and #1LinerWeds 2018. January 24th Sick — January 24, 2018

#JusJoJan and #1LinerWeds 2018. January 24th Sick

Today we have the combination of Linda’s Just Jot it January and One-Liner Wednesday. I am going to keep it pretty short and sweet.

When I got up, Mr Grump was just about ready to leave for work. He looked a bit peaky and was pretty quiet. I asked him if he was ok; he looked at me balefully and said,

“I’ve got it now!”

Enough said. That makes all three of us now as Miss Hap came down with this horrendous cold a few days ago, and it is still lingering around in me. It’s going to be a bundle of laughs in our sick house this week!



#JusJoJan and #SoCS 2018 January 20th Occasionally — January 20, 2018

#JusJoJan and #SoCS 2018 January 20th Occasionally

Linda’s Just Jot it January and Stream of Consciousness post for today is a little different as you will see from the rules below. I always enjoy a challenge and look forward to seeing where this post goes.

Without further ado, here is today’s prompt.

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “oc.” Find a word that starts with “oc” and use it in your post. Bonus points if you start and end with your post with an “oc” word. Have fun!

Occasionally, I struggle to think of something to start me off with these posts. My poor brain is still a little fogged with this horrendous cold that I have which doesn’t help either!

I have got my fan on full blast pointing at my face to try to cool myself off as I feel I am coming up to the boil and will spill over if not careful. Having said that, in a few minutes I am sure I will get freezing cold, put my dressing gown on and wrap up in a blanket! Still, at least I am not delirious and am hopefully making sense!

The full might of what I thought was just a horrendous cough and sore throat has now hit, and I have the snotty, sneezy nose to go with it and the aching bones too. As you can tell, I am feeling pretty sorry for myself. It doesn’t help that I have not slept properly for the last few days either so I am feeling a bit crabby, to say the least.

No bonus points for me either as I am fresh out of ‘oc’ words to finish up with.

Happy Saturday, Everyone!!

#JusJoJan 2018. January 19th Darkness — January 19, 2018

#JusJoJan 2018. January 19th Darkness

I hope that you are enjoying my posts from Linda’s Just Jot it January as much as I am enjoying writing them.

Here is today’s prompt word.

Your prompt for January 19th, 2018, brought to you by my dear friend and fellow Canadian, Kerry, is “Darkness.” Use it any way you’d like in your post. And make sure you visit Kerry at her blog, “Her Headache,” to read her post and say hi! Here’s her link:  https://kkherheadache.wordpress.com/

I have never been keen on darkness. I like to know that there is just a little bit of light somewhere, nearby, such as the soft glow of a lamp, or maybe a chink of the landing light showing through at night. Being in a room that is pitch dark actually makes me feel dizzy and disoriented, not to mention uneasy.

The dark mornings and evenings at the moment are somewhat off-putting, Going to work in the darkness and coming home in it makes me feel rather downhearted. I look forward to the spring when the warmer, lighter and sunnier days appear. They really do make me feel energised!

Cold and Miserable! — March 15, 2016

Cold and Miserable!

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Oh, my nose is so drippy

And my throat is all scratchy and sore

I am constantly sneezing

And my nose has been wiped till it is raw

One minute I’m cold and all shivery

And feel like I’m going to freeze

The next I am a raging inferno

And I’m performing a fevered striptease!

I’ve had enough of this cold now

And being all sniffy and snotty

I just want to start feeling better

Instead of looking and feeling so grotty!

Hopefully, it will be gone soon

As it has been hanging around for too long

It is time for it to move on now

And bugger off to where it came from!

Just Jot it January 22nd – Felicity — January 22, 2016

Just Jot it January 22nd – Felicity


I had to confess to having to look up the meaning of today’s word for Linda’s Just Jot it January. I had, of course, heard of it as a name but had no clue of its meaning. I am surprised to learn that it means a high degree of happiness or bliss according to dictionary.com

I was thinking about the last time I was in a state of such happiness, and you know, I can’t really remember. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t go around with a face like a smacked arse all of the time (although I have got one of those faces workmen love to address with “cheer up love, it may never happen,” which of course annoys me into looking even more miserable)!

On the whole, I am quite a cheerful person, I like to laugh and joke and try to make others smile too. However, being in a state of complete bliss or euphoria is for me, I think, reserved for those one-off moments. I remember the euphoria I felt when I found out I was pregnant at 37 years old, after thinking I would never have children. This was matched only by the absolute joy and delight when I actually met my daughter for the first time  and held her close.

I was ecstatic when I finally passed my driving test after many attempts and many years. something I had almost given up hope of achieving.  Similarly, when I graduated from university only four years ago, after going back to studies after many years.

Looking at those examples, it seems to me that to be in a state of felicity (I am not even sure how to use this word), at least in my case, it does not come easily, waiting, or working hard for the right moment to achieve it. I suppose this makes it all the more worthwhile, though.

Accidents Will Happen! — October 30, 2015

Accidents Will Happen!

As we were all off today, we decided to go into town for a while to have a wander around the shops. Needless to say, Miss Hap wanted to go into one of the shops that is popular with teenagers to look for some jeans. The ones she wanted to try on were black skinny ones with deliberate slashes across the knees.

They fitted her perfectly,  but I was not happy lashing out money on trousers that were already bloody ripped (yes I know I am an old fuddy-duddy), so I said that if we found some that had intact knees we would buy them. As ‘luck’ would have it, we did but they were a slightly different style being high waisted ones.

Miss Hap was a little disgruntled, but I reminded her that she should be grateful and that I could always take them back! Anyway, her feet were now hurting as she had insisted on wearing some trainers that were too small! This child has many pairs of trainers but once she gets something into her head it is very heard to remove it.

The inevitable strop followed and I decided it was time to leave town altogether, especially as Mr Grump’s scowl got bigger as her tantrum got louder! We had to call in at the supermarket on the way home to get a couple of bits and Miss Hap decided she was too crippled by the trainers to come in and would stay in the car as we wouldn’t be long.

Both myself and Mr Grump felt a bit frazzled and I was desperate to go to the loo, so we hot footed  it into the supermarket to get on with it. As we walked in together I told him I was just going to nip to the toilets and he went to buy me some stamps at the kiosk. I walked off but called out to him to make sure he had some cash. He stopped dead to check his pockets and got rammed by an old woman unable to stop her trolley at such short notice.

Being as he is so slight, he was sent flying forward stumbling a little, trying to stay upright. I saw all of this as I turned back and was doubled over laughing my head off (not a great idea when bursting for the loo). what made it funnier was despite the fact the lady had apologised to Mr Grump for knocking him flying, she gave him (or maybe it was me), a filthy look, tutted and stomped off!

I rather quickly took off as well to get to my destination before any other accidents occurred, in a much better mood!

Oh and the sodding jeans didn’t fit Miss Hap when we got home either!

Image courtesy of Pixabay 

Episode 318: Wacky Word Wednesday! — May 6, 2015

Episode 318: Wacky Word Wednesday!

As I am now lamenting the end of the Blogging From A-Z Challenge and the fun I had finding words that appealed to me, I have decided that I will do a post on a Wednesday highlighting a weird, wacky or wonderful word. I am kicking off with a great-sounding word today……..

Cantankerous. This word is the crabby and crotchety, crusty and cross old codger that likes to moan and whinge about everything. He is grumpy and grouchy, miserable and morose. His ill-tempered and irritable demeanour makes him snappy and sour.

Or what about the sullen and short-tempered child, cranky and quarrelsome, who will not be pacified?  They are prickly and petulant, obstinate and onery, not to mention fractious and  downright foul!

A bit like me when I get hungry really!

Episode 152: Disco Boy Dance Off. — February 8, 2015

Episode 152: Disco Boy Dance Off.

Oh I am so disappointed! I missed out an a prank carried out not too far away from where I live,  which is right up my street!

A local man decided to liven up a cold and dreary Saturday by turning up at his local Supermarket wearing nothing but a pair of rather unflattering purple shorts and one of those fleecy hats with the ear flaps.

The reason for his visit? He wanted to get the shoppers dancing, He had  trundled in a large sound system with a miniature disco ball which projected coloured lights, and set himself up in one of the aisles.

He was just drawing a bit of a crowd with UB40 and Paco Banton blaring out ‘Baby Come Back’ to get them warmed up when a grumpy looking Security Guard approached him.

Undeterred, he whipped out his microphone and asked to be left alone to get on with the show. This was not going to happen, he was asked to leave the store. Despite his protestations, to leave his stuff alone, the Security Guard was getting ready to manhandle ‘DiscoBoy (as he likes to be known) and his gear out.

Defeated, DiscoBoy left the building, and it was back to business as usual. What a shame. He didn’t even get to show off his dance moves!

I think they should have left him alone for a while to cheer people up…what about you?

Disco Boy in action

Episode 135: Sorrowful Sharks at the Superbowl — February 2, 2015

Episode 135: Sorrowful Sharks at the Superbowl

Now I don’t know anything about NFL Superbowl, other than it is a HUGE sporting event. This years league championship game was between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks, and the patriots won.

The reason it has come to my attention is because there was an article about it in one of our tabloid newspapers. Now you might be mistaken for thinking that it focused on the game; all the drama, and excitement, plus the tension, the crowd etc. It didn’t!

Oh no, this article was all about Katy Perry and her dancing sharks! Well, as soon as I saw the headline, I decided that it needed further investigation, and I was not disappointed! There was even a video clip for my delight and entertainment!

And was I entertained! Katy Perry herself, looked as stunning as always, but whose idea was it to have dancing sharks? I mean for God’s sake, look at the outfits they had to wear for a start! How can anyone be  expected to dance in that? They look like something that they used to make contestants wear in ‘It’s a Knockout’ in order to hamper their movements.

It seems like it had the same effect here. The poor old shark in the left got a little confused as to what they were doing, and must have thought that if he(or she) kept moving no-one would notice. After all, there is no way the dance routine is going to be that elaborate with a limited range of movement, (Those outfits might as well be straightjackets)! Ok if you want to do that Irish dancing where you don’t move your arms I suppose!

One other thing I would like to mention about the poor sharks is their sad expressions! Now I am not surprised given that they could hardly move, and one of them has messed up the routine, but honestly, their morose expressions said it all! Poor buggers!

It made me laugh though!

Photo credits. Reuters

Episode 99: Grumpy Old Git!!! — January 12, 2015

Episode 99: Grumpy Old Git!!!

Today has been a bit hectic

My emotions all over the show

One minute I’m laughing and joking

The next I am feeling so low

But there is one thing that is constant

My husband, good old Mr Grump

No mood swings, forever changing

Just ALWAYS down in the dumps!

He likes a bit of complaining

He mutters and curses away

This bitterness started appearing

Just after his 50th Birthday!

He starts off every morning

Getting out of the wrong side of bed

That sets him off in a bad mood

For the rest of the day ahead!

But deep down he is a big softy

And his bark is worse than his bite

He has his wonderful moments

Which often do come to light

He gets teased by me every second

I laughed when he cut his bald head

As he shaved it to make it look smoother

Then put tissue on when it bled!

So together we make a good couple

And with Miss Hap, that makes us a three

We bumble along in our own way

– Dysfunctional harmony!

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