Oh I am so disappointed! I missed out an a prank carried out not too far away from where I live,  which is right up my street!

A local man decided to liven up a cold and dreary Saturday by turning up at his local Supermarket wearing nothing but a pair of rather unflattering purple shorts and one of those fleecy hats with the ear flaps.

The reason for his visit? He wanted to get the shoppers dancing, He had  trundled in a large sound system with a miniature disco ball which projected coloured lights, and set himself up in one of the aisles.

He was just drawing a bit of a crowd with UB40 and Paco Banton blaring out ‘Baby Come Back’ to get them warmed up when a grumpy looking Security Guard approached him.

Undeterred, he whipped out his microphone and asked to be left alone to get on with the show. This was not going to happen, he was asked to leave the store. Despite his protestations, to leave his stuff alone, the Security Guard was getting ready to manhandle ‘DiscoBoy (as he likes to be known) and his gear out.

Defeated, DiscoBoy left the building, and it was back to business as usual. What a shame. He didn’t even get to show off his dance moves!

I think they should have left him alone for a while to cheer people up…what about you?

Disco Boy in action