There’s nothing like a nice brisk walk on a chilly, but dry Sunday morning, especially when you have no choice!

I have still not got my car back (apparently I should get it tomorrow) from the ‘mad professor, so am not in a very good mood; particularly as I forked out a small fortune to get to work yesterday. In our wisdom, myself and Mr Grump decided that we only needed one car between us as he has the use of the work van during the week, and as I only work part-time, my car will be there most of the time anyway for when he is not. In a nutshell, it means we are vehicle less at the moment!

Anyway. we needed some shopping so decided to do the Supermarket walk again. After all, it is a nice walk, and there are not many busses running on a Sunday even if we knew which one to catch, Miss Hap decided that she was going to see Nanny for her Sunday roast (we have one too but Nan’s is better of course) so it would just be the two of us going,

We wrapped up against the cold and set off, blister plasters in place where I had rubbed my heel raw two days earlier on another walk. Actually I need the exercise and the fresh air (I have been a bit of a hermit lately apart from going to work).

Last week, when we did it, Miss Hap was zigzagging in front of me as we walked, so I spent a lot of time trying not to trip over her, and it seemed to take ages to get there. I hadn’t been in the Supermarket 10 minutes before I had a bit of a ‘funny turn’ and came over all hot and shaky. Luckily there is a cafe there, much to my daughter’s delight so after a bit of sustenance I felt as good as new. Typically for me, food sorted me out!

About halfway through the journey there is a business park where we cut through, which is home to a couple of hotels, the cinema, and a load of fast food places and restaurants. This made me realise that I hadn’t had breakfast, and Mr Grump not wanting a repeat performance of last week insisted that we get something to eat. What a bonus. That perked up the ‘healthy’ walk for me no end.

The walk back was very pleasant as well. We didn’t weigh ourselves down with too many bags this time, and I enjoyed being out, surrounded by trees and leaves,  A lonely little squirrel was running around from tree to tree and I thought it would be great to get a photo of him. Needless to say by the time I fumbled about, it had gone. I did manage to get a picture of him eventually though.

It has been a pain not having my car, but at least it has meant that I have noticed more of my actual surroundings, and have appreciated it….It really is the simple things that bring a lot of pleasure.