Mr Grump is in the doghouse today! Usually. he is not a very big eater; in fact,  he is one of those annoying people who rarely feels hungry. On more than one occasion he has come home from work in the afternoon with all of his lunch left, as he didn’t get time to eat it! He rarely eats breakfast either; totally opposite of me…..

This morning I had an appointment at my doctor’s surgery to get a blood test. The appointment was for 9am and I had  to have fasted from 10pm the night before, with the exception of being able to drink water. This was to test my blood glucose levels again as they want to be sure  of a diabetes diagnosis.

With Miss Hap off to school, Mr Grump and I set off for the 30 minute walk. It was freezing this morning, dank and dreary, a stark contrast from the lovely walk yesterday, but needs must and I hardly complained at all that I was hungry and thirsty throughout the journey.

After being in there for 2 minutes, it was time to walk back home. Mr Grump had got some Subway vouchers which he had brought with him and suggested we stop off there on he way back for some breakfast. I was not going to argue about that as I was rather peckish, plus we rarely eat there so it would make a change. (Actually having take-away food twice in one week is unheard of for us).

So I quickened my pace. and in no time we arrived, I flicked through the vouchers and saw that we had a good deal on 2 breakfast subs. Sounded good to me so I ordered that. I watched him as he got out a nice long sub…..then cut it in half! My face fell as I realised that the offer was for  6 inch subs not the foot long one, Oh well, never mind. I will eat Mr Grump’s as he won’t want it.

Oh but he did, He never has breakfast, is not even bothered about lunch, but today as I put the tray down on the table, he snatched up one of the subs and started tucking in! Not a thought for poor old me that had only had half a glass of water for breakfast, before a 30 minute hike, with no sustenance inside me to keep me warm (forget the fact that I am pretty well-padded, having more of a voluptuous figure)!

As we walked home, clutching our take-away coffees, I asked him if he was particularly hungry this morning,

“No, you could have had mine”. Well, how selfish can you get? He wasn’t even hungry but he still ate it, even though I needed it!