On the Blogging From A-Z Challenge today, we have a letter that has got a bit of everything. It is nicely rounded but has a little bit of a spike to it as well. Yes, we have the quirky letter ‘Q.’  It is quaint, yet queenly, fun and funky. It is nearly always followed around but its partner in crime as well, the letter ‘u.’ They  make a wonderful team and are virtually inseparable. Today, I have chosen a word that I encounter a lot…although to experience it is pretty unpleasant, the sound of the words itself makes me smile.

Queasy. Now this word is for those who are a bit ‘green around the gills.’ It is the stomach churning feeling you might have whilst being flung about all over the place on a roller coaster, that turns you upside down for good measure too.

It is the bilious and bloated result of overindulgence on rich foods, or the burning back of the throat , that preludes a vicious, vomiting attack. The tipsy, dizzy feeling of a few too many ‘sherbets!’

As a final treat, it is the stench of festering, flesh, putrid and pus filled, that sickens you to the pit of your stomach!

Enjoy your lunch! 🙂