I have noticed that there have not been any BeWoW prompts for a little while now. I like doing these posts as it is great to focus on something positive. Just writing a post focusing on the positive can lift the mood, as does reading them. So I have decided that today I am going to talk about something that makes me happy which is out very own blogging community.

For me, this has been one of the best things of all about blogging, The wonderful people that I have been able to interact with, some on a daily basis. There are still a few people that I have ‘met’ right at the beginning who I am still in regular contact with. It is fascinating to see how our respective blogs have changed and grown over that time, yet we still have that strong connection with each other.

I am privileged to have met so many people through WordPress that have taught me so much as well. I have some lovely new author friends, and have read a couple of books that I may not have been aware of if it wasn’t for my blog! I have got a few lined up as well to keep me going for a while.

I have been introduced to the haiku as well. There is a fantastic community that participate in the weekly challenge, and everyone is supportive, and kind. I love to see how everyone else interprets the prompt words each week, as much as I love to have a go at it myself!

There Β are poets, musicians, writers, story-tellers, people who are so creative and crafty, wonderful cooks and chefs, farmers, people who deal with mental illness sharing their triumphs and troubles, teachers. It’s like having a living encyclopaedia; if I want to know about something, I am pretty sure one of my blogging friends would have the answer!

I love the fact that due to the various time differences, there is always someone online, new posts to read, people to interact with, who offer support and encouragement! It is somewhere where someone like me, who is pretty awkward in social situations, feels like they belong and are accepted despite being a bit of a klutz!