What an absolute triumph the day turned out to be for Nick and the girls completing the Triathlon

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Where do I start? It has been the most amazing, incredible, glorious day. The road through Little Kimble had marked a turning point for my son and we drove through the sleepy village with a red kite watching from its perch in a tree beside the road. Any other day I would have stopped and grabbed the camera… today, though, even the kites would wait.

We had left in good time, so we had taken a short detour via the route Nick had taken the first day he got the trike… and his first real taste of freedom in six years. A month later and we were on our way to the Paralympic venue of Dorney Lake, just outside Windsor.

Once there we headed to the registration tent and I finally got to meet the rest of the team properly. Heather Lloyd is Nick’s hydrotherapist and Eva Sobonova his physiotherapist…

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