Miss Hap has been nagging at me this weekend to go to our recently revamped McDonalds, as it has had quite a makeover.

Needing to go into town and never being one to resist the lure of a double sausage and egg McMuffin, I decided to give it a whirl, and of course Mr Grump came as well.

On entering, I noticed straightΒ away that there had been several major changes. The first one being that there was no queue at the counter which was straight in front of us. Although it was not overly busy when we arrived, this is still unusual.

Dotted around the restaurant were ‘pay stations’ where large screens were placed in order that food could be ordered. It was all the latest touch screen technology and a card reader was placed below it to take the payment.

Pretty impressive so far. We had a receipt spewed out which was to be taken to ‘collection point 1’ (very Argos), which Miss Hap went to collect whilst myself and Mr Grump settled on rather low down stools of different colours.

Attached to the tables were the latest tablets on pedestal type things which could be twirled around according to whether you wanted it portrait or landscape. I was just browsing through the apps on the desktop when our food arrived, a; present and correct and in under 5 minutes.

Of course we at the tablet tables as Miss Hap wanted to play, so I chose the Logo game which we did extremely well at.

What a bizarre experience, though, playing on a tablet with greasy fingers seemed wrong to me (all this brand new and shiny equipment getting all mucked up)! Not only that but isn’t eating together supposed to be a social experience? Granted we were all playing the game together but it was a bit odd, seeing as at home whilst sitting around the table eating, technology is banned! (I am the worst offender with my laptop).

I cannot decide whether it is a good thing or a bad thing!