Woo-hoo, it’s Wednesday again and time to polish up another word that it can shine in the spotlight. I seem to have already got a bit of a theme going this week, so will continue in the same vein. I am sure it is of no surprise to you that this week’s word is..

Debauchery.Β Yes, let’s go on a bender and have a blowout with this word; live life in the fast lane and burn the candle at both ends. It is gluttony, gorging on goodies, an orgy of overindulgence and feasting on festivities.

Getting down and dirty in the depths of depravity, frolicking and fornicating. It is having your cake and eating it – as well as everyone else’s. Drinking and dancing, revelling in ribaldry, a lusting for life!

Actually, it sounds like a bloody good night out to me!