I have got one of my favourite words for you today for my Wacky Word Wednesday. It is one that I do use quite a bit still, especially when I am at work combing the knots out of my patients’ hair. However, it needs to have its moment of glory as not enough people are using it. So let’s hear it for the wonderfully sounding…..

Tatty.Β Yes, it is the tangled-haired, scragged and scruffy little mangy mutt that trots about needing a damn good brushing. The broken down dilapidated and deteriorating building. a crummy carbuncle that has seen better days.

Moth-eaten and manky furniture in a forgotten rundown shack, that has gone to seed and is well past its prime. A dog-eared book in a down-at-heel, dingy dive of a hotel, with it shabby and squalid decor, that is disintegrating into dust.

It is a bit like Miss Hap at the end of a school day! She goes in hair brushed and uniform pressed, and comes home bedraggled, and worse for wear! God knows what they do to them πŸ™‚