Hugh has gone with the spooky and the scary this week of Halloween for his photo challenge.

The photo I have decided to share with you is a rather hideous spider! As you can see he looks as though he might glow in the dark with that luminous green body. I was informed by The Book Blogger that he could be an orb – weave spider, but to be quite honest, I did not get close enough to him to try to identify him.

At the time of this photo is was back in the summer when I was working at the hospital still. I had gone outside at break with a couple of nurses  and we sat on the ‘smokers bench’. This little fellow appeared, which sent us all off in different directions screaming! Give us blood and gore and we will be there poking about, but show us a spider or a wasp and you won’t see us for dust!

I was brave though as I took the photo (thank God for the zoom feature). The quality of course is not great as I took it as quickly as I could then got out of there!