Welcome to another wild, wacky and wonderful Wednesday, where I get to play around with words that are underused and under-appreciated (in my opinion), and give them a turn in the spotlight. This week I have been given a suggestion by the wonderful Geoff from Tangental. He is certainly a master of words if ever I met one, Β and is the author of two books which you can check out on his website. So the words for this week is…

Pukka.Β Now this word is proper, the real deal, bang on the money type of a word. it is genuine and sincere, bona fide, spot on. A certain young Naked Chef made this saying popular some time ago and for such a simple word, it manages to say a lot.

It can be authenticΒ and original, top-notch and tip-top. smart and special. An all round good-egg, or someone who has been a brick!

It could actually apply to good old Geoff himself!!!