Time for a coffee break and a catch-up. Pull up a chair, sit down with your beverage of choice, and let me fill you in on what’s been happening over here at Edwina’s Episodes.

I would tell you over a coffee...that I am almost ready for Christmas. I have even wrapped some of my presents which makes me feel all festive now.  We are going over to my younger sister’s this year for Christmas day so I am lucky enough to have a meal waiting for me when I finish work, and having BoxingDay off means I don’t have to worry about going to bed early Christmas night!

 I would tell you over a coffee…that I am getting excited about the arrival of my great niece/nephew who is due in February (a couple of days before my 50th birthday actually). The last baby we had in the family was actually my own daughter, which was 12 years ago now!  I have already been looking at all the cute little baby outfits that are around at the moment, and can’t wait to go baby shopping when it arrives.

I would tell you over a coffee…that I am settling into my job quite nicely now. I really have met some lovely patients and was actually quite touched when I bumped into one of them at one of the GP surgeries. He came bowling up to me putting his arm round me and asked me when his ‘trolley’ was coming (he wanted me to refer him for a walking aid). He and his wife are such happy, cheery people, always laughing when I go round there, despite their combined health problems.

I would tell you over a coffee…that I am still working on the novel that I wrote for NaNoWriMo. Thank goodness for my fellow bloggers too, who are helping me out with it.

I would tell you over a coffee…that myself and Mr Grump are trying to resist growing older, but it is now catching us out. Neither of us wear our glasses much ( I have to for work, but never do at home), but when we went to my sister’s a couple of weeks ago and ended up playing a game, neither of us could see properly to read the questions out, so ended up sharing my sister’s reading glasses!  We were due eyes tests last week and both of us need stronger prescriptions now too, so have had to order new glasses! Contact lenses are out of the question, as I cannot poke about with my eyes, no way! Damn you middle age!