Ronovan has been kind to us this week and given us ‘charm’ and ‘look’ as our prompt words for his weekly haiku challenge. He has asked that we try and make the two sentences oppose each other, which I always seem to find the trickiest part. However, this week, I think I have managed to do it!

Always being up for a challenge, I also decided to try out a ‘Freku’ as created by Ronovan. It is writing a free verse then a haiku afterward that sums it up. You can find out more about this if you click on the link above.

Here is my attempt on both this week.


The sun so bright and warming

The sky a brilliant blue

The land so green and luscious

There’s sheep on the hilltop too.


But this was not the height of summer

Nor the middle of  July

It was in  bleak midwinter

When I was driving by



The Downs.jpg