Today I am going for another ‘first.’ I have decided to join in with Linda’s Stream of Consciousness posts as well as the Just Jot It January one!! Please check these out as they are great fun, and I have already met some wonderful new bloggers.

It is not often that I actually pause to think about what I am doing, or where I am going. I am a worrier which means that I very often go over and over things worrying about how I might be interpreted or whether or not I have unintentionally offended anyone, but that is different.

It would be beneficial to me I am sure to have some direction, as I tend to just blunder on through each day not really thinking about what I am doing. I do things ‘off the cuff’ quite often without thinking too much about it.

Even starting my blog, I had no clue really about what I was going to write about or how often I would post. It just sort of evolved really. I suppose in many ways, I could be accused of being careless, as I rush through, going from one thing to another. I decide that I want to do something then go for it putting everything into it. Then I go on to something else.

Maybe I am searching for something, I don’t know because I never pause long enough to find out!