What an unusual word choice for Linda’s Just Jot it January prompt today! Now, funnily enough, I do like a skull! I know that might sound a bit macabre but there are plenty of designs out there that feature skulls and can even look quite pretty. As you can see below, this is quite cute. I actually broke the inside of it so my tablet kept falling out (thank God I didn’t break it). I was at a patient’s house and he admired it (he was the one that showed me his toenails that he kept after they had been removed) so I told him he could have it when I got a new one!

My Tablet
My old tablet case for work

I also have a dress that I made with skull fabric which I thought was quite nice and Miss Hap looks so cute in hers with matching bandana! I have a skull hairclip as well actually!

Skull dress

A skull can give away so much about a person too. A few months ago, I took a Future Learn course ‘Identifying the Dead’Β which was extremely interesting. If you are into forensics, it is a fascinating course that has penty of interaction, and was actually great fun too!