Last month I took part in Linda’s Stream of Consciousness for the first time. I enjoyed it so much I have decided to keep on going with it!  Today’s prompt is ‘finger.’

I have got quite chunky fingers which to me are not that attractive. I have always loved long nails since I was a child and took  some time to ensure that they were always well-manicured and looked pretty;  I imagine it was to make up for the chubby fingers!

I also love rings. A girl has got to have a bit of sparkle and I used to wear nearly every one I owned at the same time! This meant that nearly every finger was adorned with  at least one ring, if not two! Again, I think this was to make up for the clunky fingers, as at least they looked pretty (well, to me at least)!

Then I got involved in nursing. No long nails and definitely no nail varnish! Oh, and not only that, only one plain ring allowed. Not a bit of sparkle to be seen. My poor hands. already like shovels were now naked and exposed!