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Welcome to a Wednesday, and my chance to showcase a word (or in today’s case, words) that do not get enough of an airing. They are weird, wonderful or just downright wacky. Now today I have decided to indulge in a bit of juvenile humour to celebrate the fact that despite just turning 50, I am still young at heart!

The words I have chosen are still used, especially in my house as I do not like some of the alternatives (well at least as far as Miss Hap is concerned)!  I think our American friends use the expression to mean something else, so it is even more amusing when I hear it!

Blow off. Yes this is to let rip, or let one off, you know when your nan walks around the supermarket and surreptitiously lets off a couple of squeaky ones, then looks around to see who the culprit is, type of word. It is farting and fluffing, trumping and trumpeting, bottom burping at its finest.

It is the sudden stench that hits you when you realise you have been hit by the silent but violent attack. Parping and puffing, passing wind, and having a bit of gas!

One thing for sure, it always makes me giggle when I hear it!