boaster, blaggart,
Look who came up in my search! If the cap fits…… Courtesy of Wikimedia

Well, here we are, Wednesday again and ready to dig up and dust off a weird, wacky or wonderful word to share with you. Now, I have been a bit naughty this week (no, that THAT kind of naughty), and nicked a word from my lovely friend David. I have to admit to not having heard of this word before, so I shall be educating myself, as well as hopefully introducing some of you to a new word too!

Blatherskite. Β Well, this is a babbling and blubbering kind of a word. The kind of gobshite that talks a load of gibberish, but loves the sound of their own voice! The blusterer Β and boaster, pontificating and prattling on despite the snores and groans from the unfortunate listeners!

This talking a load of twaddle, nattering on about nonsense, uttering unintelligibly, or even gabbling a load of gobbledegook! Sounds like me when I get nervous!